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Discount Fence Supply, Inc strives to bring you the highest quality Gate Entry products for the lowest price. Don't know what you need for you automatic gate opener? No Problem. Just give one of our highly trained representatives a call at 330-650-9226

GTO/PRO Entry Transmitters for Automatic Gate Openers
GTO Entry Transmitters
RB741 -GTO 1 Button (New Mini Style) Transmitter $19.00
RB742- 2 Button Transmitter $23.00
RB743- 3
Button Transmitter $26.00
GTO Entry Transmitters.
The Single Button Transmitter comes standard with GTO/PRO and Mighty Mule E-Z Gate Opener systems. The Keychain Mini Transmitter is a miniature version of the Single Button Transmitter, and like its name suggests, hangs conveniently from your keychain. The Dual and Triple Button Transmitters will operate two or three gate openers and/or garage door openers (see Garage Door Receiver). All GTO Entry Transmitters have adjustable code settings and each transmitter comes with battery included.


wireless intercom

Intercom Keypad (F3100MBC)
F3100MBC - Residential Wireless Entry Intercom/keypad $269.00
F3101MBC Residential Wireless Base Station $107.12
F3100MBC Intercom Keypad.
The GTO Residential Wireless Entry Intercom/Keypad is ideal for wireless applications. It has superior range with a crystal clear two way communication up to 500 feet wireless.

Learn More About the Wireless Keypad Intercom System

Universal Receiver (RB709U-NB)
RB709U-NB Universal Receiver $69.60
Garage Door Receiver.
The GTO Universal receiver allows the GTO two and three button transmitters to control both gate and garage door openers. Compatible with most garage door opener systems. This receiver is universally programmable for multiple gates and/or garage doors to enhance security and convenience. By installing a Universal Receiver on each garage door opener, and utilizing the optional Dual or Triple Button Transmitters you can operate your entire system using GTO/Access Systems, GTO/PRO transmitters.

Universal Receiver (AQ201-NB)
AQ201-NB Narrow Band Receiver - 10' Cable $69.60
Garage Door Receiver.
Replacement receiver for Pro SW2000XL/SW3000/SW4000/SL1000/SL2000 Models

Loop Detector (LOOPDT1)
LOOPDT1 - Loop Detector $120.00
Loop Detector.
One Channel Single Channel Loop Detector Designed for GTO/PRO or any brand gate operator providing 8-26 V AC/DC. Low power consumption makes it an ideal detector for solar applications. Dip–switch adjustability for frequency and sensitivity, and provides easy service-ability with a plug in terminal Solar Compatible More Information
    Vehicle Safety Loop Detector
D-Tek Loop Detector/Harness
(Power 12V AC/DC, 24V AC/DC, 110V AC/DC, 220V AC/DC)
Operating Temperature: -40 Degrees to 180 Degrees Fahrenheit

MVPDTEK D-TEK Loop Detector $199.00......


Seven Day Timer (TMGTO12V)

TMGTO12V - DC12v Seven Day Timer $60.90

Seven Day Timer.
DC12v Seven Day Timer offers an Automatic Timer to enable an entry device or other accessory to work durring specific hours.


Ground Loop Wire
LSC0408- Loop Wire Kit, Saw Cut, 4' x 8' w/ 50' Lead $81.00 .
LPO0408 -Loop Wire Kit, Pave Over, 4' x 8' w/ 50' Lead $115.10 .


GTO/PRO keypad for Automatic Gate Openers

GTO Keypad (F310)
F310 - GTO Digital Keypad $64.00

GTO Keypad.
How do you allow guests to open your gate while still maintaining access control? With the weatherproof GTO Digital Keypad. The GTO Digital Keypad is face programmable for up to (25) twenty five different entry codes. Individual codes can be changed without affecting the other entry codes. For instance, you can give a delivery person a specific code to open your gate, and after the delivery you can change that code. The delivery person will no longer be able to use that code to gain access, however the other entry codes will still work for your other guests. Product Manual

GN-1643 42" Gooseneck Stand $139.00

The Falcon (BEA)
10FALCONXL - The Falcon $279.00
10REMOTE - The Falcon Remote$34.00
The Falcon.
A universally compatible with any industrial door or automatic gate operator. Can detect traffic moving both towards and away from your industrial door or gate. Ability of disregarding pedestrians and only detect large masses. Capable of disregarding parallel traffic. Can be mounted 7' -11.5' User Information

Siren-Operated Sensor (SOS-VIII)
SOS-VIII - Siren-Operated Sensor $339.00

Siren-Operated Sensor
Fire/Police/EMS/911 responders, open gates with Siren's "yelp" in 2.5 seconds (all sirens in 4.5), hands free.... No codes to remember or keys to lose. A reminder decal on gate tells responder to hold siren on for swift entry.
Gate Owners pay only $339.00 for safety and peace of mind!!! Mandate that your gated communities be uniformly 911 "respondable". Thousands now in use! Compatible with all gate operators. Protects property, loved ones. Homeowners who are gone when the fire breaks out will be glad you did. More Information

NIR Photoeye Reflector and Hood

NIRPlus Retro-Reflective Photoeye (NIR)
NIR-RRE -12V Photo-Eye $129.00
NIRPlus Reflective Photoeye
Fexible Voltage 12V AC/DC to 320V AC. Water tight package, 45 feet range, 6 foot cord, bracktet and mounting hardware included, two LED indicators, sensitivity, Compact Packaging size 2" High, 2" Deep, 0.70 Wide

Infrared Photocell (IRB-325 )
IRB-325 - Infrared Photocell $287.00
Infrared Photocell
The IRB-325 Photocell is used as an external entrapment protection device type B! non-contact sensor for use with the automatic gate Opener. The IRB-325 complies with UL325 standards

GTO Exit Wand

FM140 - Exit Wand (100 ft. of wire) $149.00

Exit Wand
Low voltage or solar powered exit wand automatically opens gate when a vehicle drives by, without requiring the use of a remote control transmitter, key pad or any other operator control device. Additional probes may be added for a wider range of vehicle detection. User Information
GTO/PRO Push button entry control for Automatic gate operators

Push Button Entry Control (RB 101)
RB101 - Push Button Entry Control $7.50
Push Button
Is an unlit doorbell button for remote entry or exit control. If you do not need to limit access to your property, the push button control can be installed outside of the gate to allow entry for guests without transmitters. It can be installed on the inside of your gate to allow guests without transmitters to exit. If your home is within 1000' of your gate, you can install the push button in your house. The Push Button entry control wires directly into the control board using GTO low voltage wire. (not included).
PLEASE NOTE: If you use the RB101 outside it has to be protected from the weather.

Round Gate Edge (MGR20)
MGR20 - Round Gate Edge $139.00
Round Gate Edge
Designed specifically for easy installation on standard 2" round frames, the MGR20 offers 3-sided activation for an added measure of protection. When touched, these electrically activated edge sensors immediately signal the gate operator to stop and reverse. The sleek design will not detract from the appearance of the gate. User Information

Square Gate Edge (MGS20)
MGS20 - Square Gate Edge $139.00
Square Gate Edge
Designed specifically for easy installation on standard 2" square frames, the MGS20 offer 3-sided activation for an added measure of protection. When touched, these electrically activated edge sensors immediately signal the gate operator to stop and reverse. The sleek design will not detract from the appearance of the gate. User Information



Transmitter / 1 Channel Receiver (MWRT02)
MWRT02 - $120.00 .

Combo comes with the Miller edge model MWR02 single channel receiver and MWT02 gate edge transmitter.


Transmitter with Audible Alarm and / 1 Channel Receiver (MWRTA02)

MWRTA02- $189.00 .

Gate Edge Transmitter
The MWTA02 comes with an Audible Alarm feature that activates when the battery has only 25% of it life remaining, indicating the battery should be replaced. The alarm sounds for 5 to 10 seconds at 1 to 2 minutes intervals.
(Transmitter use with Gate Edge Receiver MWRT02)



C18216 16' Coil Cord & Junction Box

C18216- $45.00 .
16' Coil Cord & Junction Box
18 gauge - 2 Conductor Coil Cord

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